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Brock' Garage is owned and operated by Kevin and Patty Brock. 

Selling car memorabilia and Patty's own special boutique gifts and apparel. We will be rolling our mobile gift shop out sometime late Fall of 2018. 

Kevin and Patty Brock


Rob (right) and Kevin (left)

The Rob Moglie Car & Bike Show was born out of the need to help our friend. Rob was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that spread throughout his body quickly.

In an effort to support him, we thought "how could I raise the much needed funds for his non-traditional treatment?"


Both Rob and Kevin had a love for cars. Rob had a 1986 Cuttless Oldsmobile and Kevin has a 1969 Dodge Coronet RT convertible.  Even Kevin's wife Patty had an interest with her 1973 VW Bus.  From that the idea for a fundraising car show was born with all proceeds going to support Rob's medical treatment.

Proceeds from the first three car shows helped immensely in supporting his life extending treatment. Unfortunately Rob passed before the 4th show, but the shows continue to be held in his memory to raise money to help other cancer patients and provide school scholarships. 

By participating in the car show you become a part of this legacy. Every dollar counts and we appropriate everyone involved. 

Very Sincerely,

Kevin & Patty Brock

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